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  • Annoy A Postman #3- Haddonfield, New Jersey

    Here is our third Annoy A Postman, to Patricia of Haddonfield, New Jersey. Instead of doing crazy calligraphy, I decided to try something new… this is what I sent.

    On a small envelope (about 3x5in), I stuffed it full of stickers and used Australian stamps, and added an unused vintage American stamp amongst them. I thought perhaps the mail people would take one look at the mess of cancelled foreign stamps and throw it into the ‘return to sender’ pile for insufficient postage, and I braced myself for an inevitable return. Just for fun, I added a little jewel right next to the zipcode. Usually these just fall off…

    Well, I was wrong! Not only were the stamps cancelled, Patricia reports that the envelope arrived in perfect (“I mean perfect!” -P) condition. Even the jewel was still affixed. She also said that her postman was even placed the envelope between catalogs to protect it from the rain. What! Not only were they totally unfazed by my shenanigans, they were super nice and thoughtful about it. I feel kinda bad now!

    So anyway, I think we can cross New Jersey off the list. Hats off to em!

    Until the next Annoy A Postman edition…

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