If it's not too late, I'd love to do the annoy a mailman project. I'll commandeer a couple envelopes from work (though I can't promise the paper quality will be very good). I've got a scanner at work, too. The postal service here hand-sorts stuff if it's odd-sized or the machines don't read it, but I wouldn't be surprised if they send it back to you.

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Sure, you’re not too late! It’s an ongoing project. Just send me the stamp and your details, don’t worry about envelopes. I will be using my own. Here’s the details for those who want to join in the Annoy a Postman project.

Annoy A Postman!

So I was doing one of my overly-flourished envelopes last night, and wondered… how far can I push it? Just how many more flourishes can I add before the postman throws up his/her hands in despair? Will they give up and send it back or will they persevere to mail it? Therefore.. with your help, I propose a little experiment!

99% of my envelopes arrive to their recipients (shocking, I know), but only because I always restrain myself, or else my pen pals would never hear from me. But.. if I could have some volunteers who don’t mind their names and addresses shared on the blog, I could really go crazy, mail it out, wait a few days and see if it actually arrives, and in what condition. I will then post a Before and After picture to see what makes it through and what doesn’t. Wanna help me?

How to join:

  • Mail me a letter to: 
    Schin Loong, 631 N. Stephanie St #510 Henderson, NV 89014
    Please include an unused USPS Forever stamp, a note with your name, full address and email address. Mark clearly that this is for the Annoy a Postman project.You can include a letter too!
  • I will email you before sending the envelope to give you a heads up. You must respond to this email!
  • Within 10 days (usual timeline for a first class usps letter to arrive), please let me know if you have received your envelope.. if so, please scan it in along with any markings, yellow stickers or notes on it and email it to me. That’s the fun part, I want to see its scars! I will check my own postbox too in case it returns to me… and if it does, I will likewise scan it in and post about its failure to complete its mission.


  • You must consent to your name and address being published on the envelope (if it arrives). It could be a mailbox, business or PO box address.. as long as it is valid. This means I won’t blur or edit out anything.
  • You must keep in contact via email with me and scan the envelope without tampering and email it back to me. Sometimes the postman will scrawl the address on, or stick a sticker on, or something.. I wanna see it all! Then I will post a before and after comparison.
  • You must have a scanner.. no camera photos please.
  • I prefer US addresses for now. International postage will be too tricky, unless you can figure out a way to send me $1.15 in USPS stamps!

So what do you think? Wanna see if you will receive a Openinkstand-goes-bonkers envelope? Or maybe it will not arrive at all and bounce back to me! No matter what, it will surely at least annoy a postman!

I found this lovely Thank You note card set in Barnes and Noble. It looked very nice in the package.. a tasteful Thank You note and monarch butterfly on linen.. and for a great price too! Only $8.99 for 14 cards!

I had very high hopes for it! 

I love the little butterfly and the small Thank You font. It’s very elegant!

Unfortunately the envelope paper is not up to standard. I wrote a name in gold and already it was bleeding through the paper. Not very nice when your recipient pulls out the card..

The actual paper of the note card isn’t much either. You know how sometimes a paper can inspired good calligraphy? This one doesn’t.

Not bad for $8.99 but not for calligraphy.

Hi Schin! May I just say... your works are fabulous! I'm a big fan. I am also practicing calligraphy, intermittently and not professionally. Your works inspire me and you set the benchmark for flourishing, Copperplate, Spencerian, etc. Beautiful, beautiful. <3

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You’re so kind, thank you :)

To my dear readers, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to answer questions lately. There’s very many backed up and I have read them all, but haven’t had time to answer properly! Work has been busy, we’re potty training a puppy and allergies are not helping either. I’ll try and answer a question as soon as I can. ☺️ Keep writing!